Thursday, March 31, 2011

Keep on rollin'

A shot of my little Civic (aka the tank) at the end of a great training day. Recovery week this week, so not too much volume. Ordu is there following a tough 30 minute time trial with Leading Edge. Backpacks full of clothes, books, food, and all sorts of training paraphernalia.

Just barely visible in the footwell is my DeWalt circular saw (don't really know why I own that)...

And yes, those would be rollerblades.


Story goes like this. I have been training with the fabulous Rachel Kiers the last couple of weeks on Thursdays. We took our off-road bikes through UBC last week, and were planning on a core session this week, when I got the following in my inbox ...

From: Rachel Kiers
Sent: March-28-11 5:17 PM
Subject: Re: Sneak Peak... don't share until next week.

Great! Glad you're in!

I want to do something thursday morning but I already recorded my video ideas...

Want to go for another ride--maybe through Stanley's trails this week?

You don't rollerblade do you?


Oh, I own rollerbladez

So on what ended up being a sunny morning, we met at Iona beach ...

Did you know that it's 4 km out to the end of the jetty? 8 km return? Sounds like a race to me

We wore our fancy new Speed Theory kits, and our helmets of course

and did some fancy moves

and, as always, I wore my Garmin to track the workout. Fastest speed was 30 km/h. That's a pace of 2:00 per kilometer.

By comparison, Clara Hughes won bronze at the 5000m long-track in a time of 6:55. That's an average pace of 1:10.6 per kilometer.

I guess I have some work to do

~ liquid

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