Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dirty Duo 2011

Sorry, no witty title on this one. This post speaks for itself!

I've wanted to race the Dirty Duo for several years now, but it's timed so early in the year that I have always missed it.

Until now.

Plus, I'm a terrible mountain biker. As I definitely learned this past Saturday as I "raced" this epic mountain biking and trail running event on Mount Seymour.

Special thanks to Rachel and Jeremy for encouraging me to do the full Duo (run & bike); and thanks to Coach Calvin for recommending the conservative approach.

Like many trail races in North Van, this one started at Jaycee House next to Capilano College (unlike the provincial government, I've yet to recognize it's university status - mostly a name thing)

Look at that focusing on my jacket - it's like they knew I was coming!

To the race started with a 25 (ish)km run up to the Seymour Demonstration Forest, down to Twin Bridges, then up along Bridal Path to the Old Buck Trail that heads straight up Mount Seymour. From there you traverse over to Ned Atomic Dustbin (technical mountain bike trail on Mt Seymour). Oh yeah, it was covered in a couple feet of snow. Down Ned's, onto Bottle Top, then back across Twin Bridges, and back to Jaycee House.

Here's the map

Then hop on your mountain bike and do it all again. Plus a little extra. As riders who actually know how to ride these trails are passing you

Local Lambert rep Kevin Calhoun. Example of a rider who is good on these trails. Plus anyone wearing a Steed Cycles kit - those kidz have mad skillz

To be fair, when most of the cyclists saw my race number (denoting a "Run & Ride" athlete) their reactions were uniformly you must be exhausted, you're doing great

Five and a half hours later, covered in mud, I crossed the finish line. Damn that was one fun day!

~ liquid

Here's a link to the race files, if you're into that kinda think

The Run

The Bike

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