Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Secret's Out

No, this post isn't about the 'Power of Positive Intention'

We've all heard of people who engage in the act of "secret training" in order to get an edge on their competition (people in your swim lane, that one chick whose better than you, Cam)

I don't think this photo has yet made it onto the internet - you're welcome

Secret Training is generally understood to be any workout that you do:
- Solo; or with training partners that you don't know
- too early or too late in the day for others to reasonably join you
- unplanned or unlogged (and without the approval of your coach)

In an effort to play fair this year, here's a list of things that you can do to keep up with me and my awesomeness training

Remember to be aero at all times, like here at the 2009 Dave Marsh Invitational BBQ

1. When you're out for dinner at a restaurant, don't waste those hours! Instead, quietly tap your foot against the leg of your chair, or better yet the legs of the table. Constant fidgeting keeps your metabolism revved up, and keeps your highly-tuned body in a constant state of readiness should some impromptu sprinting need to occur. If the other people at the table complain that you're shaking the table, it's just because they're jealous of your superior training plan.

Go ahead 'n have some yam fries

2. When you have to take the dog out, or head outside for any reason, why just walk? Instead, use the time to practice your dryland swim technique. When at the grocery store, or heading to the local coffee shop, practice your catch, pull, body roll, and recovery. I'm sure it helps

You could also use this time to visualize a perfect Clean & Jerk (but it's a little hard to do without holding a broom or similar piece of equipment)

3. When there are simply too many people around to properly practice your swim stroke (such as on the path by the beach), use the slower moving 'non-athletes' to practice your drafting and passing skills. Remember, when you enter someone else's draft zone (7 meters for long-course racing) you only have 30 seconds to pass them or else you'll need to drop back and try again.

4. Incorporate your Training Periodization into everyday life. When your wife asks if you can do the laundry, explain that it's your 'Recovery week.'

And that's the real reason that NHL players sport playoff beards - they're 'tapering' their shaving. Keeping those shaving muscles extra-rested might just give you the edge you need

5. Let's face it, it's hard to get the recommended 8 hours of sleep per night when you're trying to fit in all your run, bike, and swim training. Which should you sacrifice, adequate sleep or your training?

Well, what if you didn't have to choose. I've been Sleep Training for several years now, mostly running and cycling. The best advice I can give young padewan athletes is to keep a high cadence, keep your arms and legs moving at all times, and be sure not to be wearing overly restrictive clothing.

Wear your heartrate monitor for optimum results

And watch out for those pesky 'dream curbs' and other dream hazards. Remember - anything. can. happen

Remember, train in your dreams, to achieve your dreams.

~ liquid

(But not the dreams when you get attacked by a giant squid)

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Doug.

    The posting of the picture is much appreciated.

    Excellent tips. I am going to start sleep training. I hope I don't drown under the covers. But if all goes well I will stay ahead of you in the pool.

    What do you think of adding sleep push ups and squats? Will it be too noisy for downstairs?

    In your list of things that are secret training you mention workouts that are unreasonably too early. I have determined that all your workouts are too early. In fact most people are secret training.

    Best of luck on your sleep ride tonight. Watch out for crazy drivers or crazy people practicing their swim stroke in the middle of the road.

    Long live Operation Orange Crush.