Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Another day, another destiny

I was riding with a dear friend the other day, and she asked "and just how long have you been at Speed Theory?"

It was February(ish) 2006, and the email for the UBC Triathlon Club (I was treasurer at the time) received a message about a new triathlon store that was opening up in Kits.  Pop your head in and say hi, it read ... and at the bottom of the message, a note that they'd be looking for some full time and part time staff.

Shortly thereafter, I met Jeremy "the MoJ" Wilson, and some months later Nicole "ShopGirl" Akeroyd.  I earned my title (or self-appointed, I honestly can't remember) of Manager of Awesomeness.  I sold bikes, fit wetsuits, and helped a lot of new cyclists learn that road biking doesn't need to be scary.


If you're in suspense, wondering about this retrospective, I'm writing it to let you know that, pretty soon, I'll no longer be an everyday face at Speed Theory.  I'll be entering a new aspect of the sporting industry, working as the Pearl Izumi Cycling and Running rep for Mainland BC.

Here are some things that won't change with me:

- I will still be coaching, both private clients and with Leading Edge Triathlon Club
- you will still see me out training and racing (though my race distances might shorten up a bit)
- you will still see me around town sporting my Speed Theory kit (I did help design it, after all)
- if you ask me a shop question, I will still smile, then take a second to put my "shop hat" on

But here are some of the new things I'll be doing:

- I'll be selling running shoes and clothing (something I'm really excited about)
- I'll be meeting a ton of new cycling and running retailers, seeing how experts around the province outfit their customers for awesomeness
- I'll be managing Pearl Izumi Run & Ride demos at a local Run/Ride store near you!


Selling stuff with the crew at the 2008 ITU World Triathlon Championships in Vancouver


All kitted up for cold weather at English Bay

Lookin' fine volunteering at the Diva's Only races


We called ahead to make sure we'd all match


"Hey, let's go ride bikes" - "Where to?" - "Who cares!"


If you've ever come into Speed Theory and seen me work, you know that I love what I do.  And it's all because of the people - the first time cyclist making sure they can ask a stupid question (there are no stupid questions!) or the seasoned veteran talking about the latest gear or training technique. 

And a very special thanks to Jeremy, Nicole, Mike, Murray, Brandon, Erin, Cam, Rachel, Katrina, Rob, Jeff, Kamal, Alli, Chris, Sarah, Calvin, Katherine, Kurt, Jennica, Sheldon, Steve, Paul, Paulo, Chris, Jenna, Jared, Mark, and Greg.  It's been a blast

~ liquid

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  1. Congrats on the new adventure Doug! And it also appears a congrats is in order for your upcoming little triathlete that will be making an appearance this summer :) Hope to see you out there some day soon. Take care.