Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New CrossFit PR

Personal Bests are always great to celebrate!

This morning, at our (relatively) new gym at CrossFit North Vancouver, we ran our first 5k.

I was excited.  And you can only get how excited I was if you knew the old run course that we did for a timed 5 kilometer "race."

Have you ever biked or run down to Deep Cove - like, all the way down to the end of the road at the turnabout.  Then turned around and come back OUT of Deep Cove ... trying to run for time?  Yeah, I think I broke 20 minutes on that run once (20 minutes is decidedly NOT fast for a 5 k run).

So our new route was not only fairly straight, but most definitely flat (or at least flattish).

The new 5 km course runs out-and-back along Dollarton Highway                  
And I managed to take a FULL MINUTE off of the run time - 18:40

Now, granted, this still isn't a spectacularly fast 5 km time (certainly not my PR for a road race), but taken as a pure training run (and in this case, after just having front squatted 215 lbs) it was pretty damn exciting.

And I got to run in some brand new Pearl Izumi running shoes (more on that in a couple of weeks :)

The Pearl Izumi Road N2 shoes : Project EMotion
Love the run

~ liquid

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