Sunday, February 16, 2014


That's "Post Baby Personal Best" - achieved today at my first race back at the "First Half" Half Marathon.

1:27:21 official gun time

and miraculous even splits throughout, in spite of the headwinds and terrain

First 5k - 20:45
5 - 10k - 20:19
10 - 15k - 20:22
15 - 20k - 21:01

So on the one hand, nothing particularly special when you've done the same course in 1:20, and have run even faster elsewhere.  But, seeing as my life completely changed last August and training has been, how would you say, less-than-consistent, I'm pretty darn happy!

Hopefully I get some pics posted in the next few days

~ liquid


  1. ha! now that you are a big-time coach, you're going to have to start writing a bit more frequently again. Way to go on the PBPB.

  2. Congrats Doug! I like how you called this a PBPB. It's not to say that you can't get back to the things you did Pre-Baby, but, when family life takes over and your priorities change is is truly a new PB and probably the most important and biggest PB of your life. Congrats again Daddy!!