Monday, March 25, 2013

Thank you Challenge

It was with a heavy heart that I sent the following email to Challenge Penticton last week:

Hey Challenge Penticton,
Wondering how I go about withdrawing from the race this August.  I've had to make the heart wrenching decision to be in town for my pregnant wife's due date.

I wrestled with it - been looking forward to racing in Penticton on my 30th birthday for a long time.  But I'm going to go with my wife on this one!

Let me know how to proceed

Indeed, racing in Penticton in 2013 has been my athletic goal for the past 4 years.  With the race always being at the end of August, I took a look at the calendar to figure out when the race would fall directly on August 25th.  It turns out that it did so in 2013 - coincidentally my 30th birthday.

But, in December, Elizabeth and I got the most exciting news, with a due date of August 20th (shortly after letting our parents know, my Mom quietly said to me "I think you should reconsider doing that race at the end of August")

Thanks Mom, I'd already come to that conclusion!


If you haven't looked into Challenge Penticton yet, or you're thinking about the future of long-course triathlon racing in |British Columbia - considering the prospect of Challenge Family versus Ironman - I would highly recommend you stick with Penticton.

I won't post the email specifically, but the response I received was nothing but positive, offering their congratulations, and wishing me the best in the future.  Oh, and they wanted to know my address so that they could send the refund cheque for my registration.

Thanks again Challenge - when I get the go ahead from my family to once again race long-distance triathlon, yours will be the first race I enter.

Just so you know, you're awesome

~ liquid

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