Friday, January 25, 2013

... and we're back

I know.  It's like when your favourite TV show has an exciting season finale just before summer hiatus.  And then the show doesn't come back in September, and you wonder "what happened?"  You wait with baited breath for a new episode ...

Well, here we go:

So I signed up for the Diez Vista 50km Ultra at the beginning of April, fulfilling a long-term goal I've had for a while (to be clear, the goal was just to sign up for a 50km event ... actually crossing the finish line is a separate goal)

Luckily, I enjoy running through the trail of North Van, though usually I wouldn't be spending so much time in December and January doing long runs.  I say "long" in terms of duration only ... slowly but surely I'm renegotiating my sense of speed and pace when logging over 1000 feet of elevation gain in given run.

From my front door, I can quickly get to the Seymour Demonstration Forest, up Lynn Loop, or over to Mount Seymour.  It's also possible to head straight for Grouse and the section of the Baden Powell trail there, though my training runs haven't taken me that direction yet.

Oh yeah, and I'm also running into work at least once a week ... 16 km each way.  It's kinda peaceful running back over the Lions Gate bridge at 7 o'clock at night (it's also rewarding passing cyclists!)

Today's run was a fairly standard route:  up from Park & Tilford to the Demonstration Forest, up and around the Lynn Loop, and home again:

I had some pretty pictures too, but I hate my phone and it's not downloading.  So if I figure it out, it may just mean that you get 2 blog posts in one day!

Keep your feet movin'

~ liquid

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