Sunday, July 17, 2011

Peach Classic: A Spectator's PoV

So I went out running in Penticton today, and there was some sort of race going on, dedicated to a big giant Peach.

Friend James starting the bike, on his way to a PR and DQ!

First out of the water and first in our hearts! Mike Adams showing great run form even when wearing a wetsuit

Rachel Kiers, smiling as always!

Local rockstar JonnyO sporting some awesome Orbea gear!

A tilty photo adds dramatic effect

Leading Edge Coach Andrew

This is why we come here. Running along the KVR in Naramata

Jeremy didn't look up when we yelled his name from Hillside Estates Winery. Must be the helmet

... and we knew that Fast Richele wouldn't be too far behind

For some reason they let this guy on the course

If there's a headband involved, you'll be sure that Anthony is there

If you know that to look for, you can see Jeremy running for the finish line a mile away!

Nice glasses!

Yes, Welcome economy

Some very, very fast athletes.

Congrats to everyone who raced - thanks for making my run so entertaining!

~ liquid

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