Thursday, July 21, 2011


Get Cam to pronounce the name of the ride for you sometime ...

How long is the climb? FOREVER

So, our epic ride during training camp was the Ironman Canada Course plus. We added the climb to the Anarchist Lookout in Osoyoos, skipped the out-and-back in Cawston, and went back to Penticton via Green Mountain Road. Then, a quick spin out to Skaha Bluffs to secure the first 200 km ride of the season (and for me, ever).

A triathlete's shelf in the bathroom

Rachel & Mike ready for the ride. Matching kits were the order of the day

Three wicked-awesome athletes, with Osoyoos in the background

In case you've never turned around after descending Richter Pass, this is what it looks like from the first Roller

Rachel Kiers - Speed Queen

And of course we took the requisite stop at the Bear. Why don't they have any energy bars? Brian, you should work on that

The pump that is not a pump

Great ride with some great friends.

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