Thursday, April 21, 2011

Can you lift a Doug?

Every athlete knows it - hitting a new PR is great

For quite a long time at Pure Athletics I've been stuck in a rut in my Olympic Weight lifting. Truth of the matter is I don't work on it enough to see real improvement (there is this thing called Ironman at the end of August I am training for). However, earlier in the winter I was able to lift and overhead squat 135 lbs, I really did find it weird that a higher One-Rep Max was eluding me.

Then, two pieces came into play that would eventually change this.

One, I set a goal. Lift my bodyweight (150 pounds) from the ground, above my head. I'd use the Clean & Jerk method, which breaks the movement down into two steps.

Here's somebody lifting much more weight with much better technique than I ever will.

Two, our schedule at CrossFit provided the opportunity for me to work consistently at the movement. On the gym's "Rest Days" we started to work on our "goats" - that is, something you're not-so-awesome at. Volume was the key, practicing the movement with perfect technique, getting stronger in small progressions.

Then you work on it. Every minute, for twenty minutes. Maybe 1 rep, maybe 5 (based upon the movement you're practicing).

So for 4 weeks, every 4th day, Elizabeth and I would show up, she would work her Wall Balls, and I my Clean and Jerk.

I started at 95 pounds, 53 reps over 20 minutes.
Then 105 pounds, 51 reps
Then 115, then 125

This week I was slated to do 135 pounds. It was getting pretty heavy, so I decided to just try 1 rep every minute, for 20 minutes.

9 minutes went by, and as I got used to the weight, it became easier. So I added 5 pounds (140 lbs).

Another 5 reps. Another 5 pounds. Now lifting 145 lbs.

Last rep, 5 more pounds. Bodyweight Clean & Jerk, hellz yeah.

Unfortunately, no camera on site this momentus day - here's a picture of me looking awesome

Thanks to Coach Lu & Roe for the motivation, and my wife for encouraging me every rep of the way.

With that goat done, what do I do now? Time to set another goal!

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