Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Let the off season begin

So I completely recognize the irony of starting a blog of my triathlon training and racing at the end of the tri season. Nevertheless, this weary ironman is now in his official offseason. Not to worry though - I've got plans for exciting activities to keep all my adoring fans (at last count, 2 comments and 1 follower ...) entertained.

First on the list of things-to-do was hitting some of the North Shore trails mountain bike style! I'd gone once before earlier in the summer up Seymour - not the smartest thing to do leading up to Ironman - but now that I don't have to be injury-paranoid, I gave it another go. Our route was the course for the Canuck Place Adventure Challenge, which Nicole is tackling next weekend.

For want of a link, I wouldn't have had to delay and go get a spare bike ...

WTF! How does that even happen?

The Team - Murray, Nicole, and Sean

Check out some of the details of the ride here, captured on my Garmin 310xt

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Mountain Bike - Canuck Adventure Challenge Route

Needless to say, it was an awesome day.

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