Sunday, February 20, 2011

Race Report and a New Look!

So apparently Blogger has some new themes, including an orange one. So now my blog is orange - 'nuff said.

Saturday was an epically fantastic day spend along the Sea-to-Sky and Callaghan Valley. It was my first time doing a race in The Yeti Snowshoe Series

Step 1 - Enjoy running enough that moving in the snow (and potentially falling) sounds like prime awesomeness training!

Step 2 - Buy, beg, borrow, or steal a pair of Atlas Run Snowshoes (seriously, I've never been at a race where about 80% of the field were wearing the same brand of equipment)

Step 3 - If the race takes place far from Vancouver (like Whistler), make sure you carpool with an fantastic friend like Steph Corker Irwin

Step 4 - Find the Yeti and give him a High-Five

Step 5 - Have a blast! You get free coffee for showing up, and if you do well they give you a beer. How cool is that!

And if you are a data junkie and blog-stalker like me, here's are the details of the race as told by my Garmin 310xt

The Yeti Snowshoe - Callaghan

Have fun out there team!

~ liquid

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