Sunday, December 12, 2010

Callaghan Adventures!

With winter upon us, even though there's no snow in Vancouver, I knew there would be some somewhere ... so I made some plans with some friends.

A SkyTrain and a SeaBus later, I picked up Rachel in North Van

We head to Destination Ski to pick up our rentals, then make the long (but fun!) drive up the Sea to Sky towards Whistler!

It was Christmas time at the Akeroyd cabin, so we sang some carols in greeting

The next day, we hit the slopes! Well, only kinda, because this was my first time Cross-Country skiing! I've skied downhill (or Alpine if you will) for as long as I can remember (mostly at Blackcomb, but also Mount Washington, Silver Star, SunPeaks). But, I've never tried the Nordic-style of skiing. But with the Callaghan Valley so wonderfully updated from the Olympics, I thought it would be fun.

And it was

Nicole was Skating on her own skis, Rachel and I went Classic

I did fall several times (those skis are skinny!) ...

[no photo]

Luckily I was carrying the camera.

We stopped for some breathers/scenic views ...

... and thought some crazy ideas (anyone have a Crazy Carpet?!?)

We went and skied around the Olympic Biathlon Centre. Being my first time I had to improvise with the equipment.

But Nicole was an absolute pro (notice the form with which her skis are splayed on the snow, and the crazy angle that the photo is taken at!)

But we weren't as good as these guys!

I'm going to have to practice!

~ liquid

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