Thursday, June 10, 2010


Not a whole ton to blog about on a year when I'm not racing, cuz when I don't race, apparently I don't train either.

I'm actually quite enjoying not having to wake up super early to go to the pool, and not having to don my winter riding gear for all these crappy days we're having in Vancouver.

If you didn't see the results for last week's Oliver Half Ironman, do take a quick sec to read them here. Special congrats to Nicole, Chris, and Katrina for their spectacular results at their first attempts at the half iron distance.

So if you see me out on the road and completely leave me in the dust, don't feel too bad - I'll be fine.

I"ll also give a shout out to Pure Athletics, the newly operated and renovated CrossFit North Van gym on Dollarton. Elizabeth and I are having a blast with our morning workouts, although my hands might never recover from the lifting, pullups, dumbells, kettlebells ...

Just takin it easy, having fun

~ liquid

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