Friday, April 23, 2010

500 grams well worth its weight

With the BMO Marathon just over a week away and training moved full into taper mode, my mind has quite naturally started to wander towards other training goals for the season.

North Shore trails, here I come! So I bought a new toy

Yes the orange model.

But before I hit the trails, safety Doug sayz that all runners should take some precautions and back a little extra weight. Sure, when you're running on the road there'll probably be a good Samaritan close by if something goes wrong, but out in the woods, you're on your own. If you plan to go out in the woods this summer, consider packing just a little extra weight.

Here's a list of what I keep in my bag, beyond water, food, and some extra clothing

First aid kit (including mole skin) - 119 grams
North Shore trail map (waterproof) - 83 grams
10' lightweight Rope - 21 grams
Whistle and Waterproof Matches - 35 grams
Space Blanket - 53 grams
Orange Garbage Bags (x2) - 89 grams
Knife (probably too tiny to actually
cut anything) - 21 grams
Duct tape - 7 grams
One Step hand wipes (several) - 17 grams
Instant Hand Warmer - 35 grams
LED Light - 11 grams

Total weight - 491 grams.

Be safe out there kids!

~ liquid

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