Sunday, March 21, 2010

Back to black

So after a year and a half of having the most awesomeness coloured bike in Vancouver, an unfortunate series of events has put my Orca back to "normal" colours

1. My orange hudz wouldn't fit on my new Ultegra 6700 shifters (no, I didn't try)

2. Orange bar tape with black hood covers looked weird (yes, I did try)

3. Large gash in my tire made me replace my Vredesteins; intrigue led me to try Continental's this season

4. Orange demo Fizik saddle looked very strange without matching orange hoods, bar tape, and tires, so I put the black Fizik Arione back on

Okay, I admit, the bike's still very awesome, and I guess now my Speed Theory kits won't clash

note: pedals, bottle cages, seatpost, stem, bars maintain orange highlights

Love the Bike

~ Doug

1 comment:

  1. that will look sweet with the assaults on as well - and the continentals have a tinge of orange in their logo